Who we are

Why choose us?

CRMQube is a young company founded in 2001 specialized in the development of application software, in management consulting and technical advice on business applications. The CRMQube can also count on several affirmed advisers in Turin and Milan.

Our mission is to assist companies in the use of technologies to support the business, in order to optimize their internal processes.

How we work

CRMQube has its own methodological approach, comprehensive and flexible, which integrates the various organizational dimensions (processes, resources, technologies) and different stages of management optimization.

The methodological approach of CRMQube allows us to:

  • Ensure the quality of services provided
  • Efficiency and operational rapidity
  • Effectiveness of the results and of the answers given
  • Sharing of know-how with the customer

  • First step


    At the first contact CRMQube approaches the day-to-day reality of work by analyzing the real needs and requests of customers.

  • Second step


    CRMQube makes a research that does not stop at the surface of the problem but goes further at the heart of it, in fact only in this way you can understand well the present and future needs and those really necessary to improve any kind of company.

  • Third step


    Once the research is accomplished, CRMQube will develop the best strategy to integrate technology into the working reality of the customer to achieve the goal set

  • Fourth Step


    CRMQube Assistance is valid on all its products, with a staff always available to assist you and highly trained technicians, and allows the customer to require any implementation to the product itself.