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Our services are aimed to help our customers in the use of technology in order to allow them to focus on creating business value. CRMQube has excellent expertise on key technologies: SAP, internet applications (desktop, client, mobile), proprietary products and so on.

The CRMQube provides advice and assistance in IT and/or mathematical finance to companies engaged in the design and development of business process reengineering.

Our mission is to assist companies in the use of technology to support the business, in order to optimize their internal processes.
Our expertise allows us to offer, to various types of clients, valuable and highly qualified resources.

  • Business Process Reengineering


    Save time, earn money

    One of the most disputed topic in IT and in organizational learning disciplines is the so called business process reengineering (BPR), or simply reengineering. The main idea of this approach is to use the information technology as a tool for business process redesign, in terms of innovation and not simply improvement (Davenport & Short, 1990).

    Michael Hammer, researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, authors of many texts of business organization, has shown that the continuous rethinking of business processes generates dramatic improvements in quality, efficiency and costs which are the main benchmarks for performance

  • Outsourcing


    Take care about your business, we care about the rest!

    Outsourcing is generally used as a tool to solve problems relating to IT too. With our services CRMQube helps companies to think about their future using outsourcing as a strategic tool to achieve high level performance. This involves the outsourcing of secondary activities.

  • Consulting


    Technology can make you leap forward

    CRMQube can help your business to perform at its best!
    Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to provide both advice at managerial level, for the expansion of your business, both functional and technical consulting to handle or develop your business products. In addition to consulting, CRMQube is able to design, implement, administer and follow the computer system of your company, call us immediately!