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    Stock Prediction Price is an application that goes beyond the classical stock market predictions. SPP allows to operate independently in the financial markets through expert property advisors.

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    S.I.P.A.R.I.O. Dedicated to all public or private bodies who need to optimize and automate their workflows inherent to the collection of waste door-to-door

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    True Data

    Truedata uses at its best the company's history without being obliged to provide a sophisticated correlation model but only using variables that you think are "significant". You can think to apply Truedata in many areas.

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    Axon Optimizer

    This software was created for the design and implementation of genetic algorithms and neural networks. These types of algorithms are useful in all those steps / processes where the maximization of a magnitude or its optimization is necessary.
    For example, what is the shortest journey for a travelling salesman who shall deliver letters? The application of these algorithms allows to find the solution of this problem.

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    Infinity Language

    Infinity Language uses the knowledge of the web to provide the best translation of the sentence being analyzed. Infinity Language analyzes the sentence that is scanned by the software, and then it translates and reworks it phonetically.

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    MT4 Interface

    MT4 Interface is a library that allows you to interface software Meta Trader 4 with any database in your possession. With MT4 Interface you can interface trading strategies directly with the markets in tuo possesso.

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