Dedicated to all public or private bodies who need to optimize and automate their workflows inherent to the collection of waste door-to-door

S.I.P.A.R.I.O. is an integrated tool that supports organizations and companies thanks to its special characteristics:

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    Data Acquisition and Management

    Computer acquisition and management of users' data, after a general enquiry in the territory
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    Steps to activate new users

    - Calculation of collection points
    - Management of collection points
    - Standard calendar management
    - Management of sequences
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    Operational management of non-standard frequencies, vehicle and load management
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    Data management

    Data recovery and statistics form
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    Video and paper print of reports for each type of request
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    Other software can interface to and from S.I.P.A.R.I.O.
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    Serial numbers

    Acquisition of serial numbers and transponder via PDAs and scanners
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    User profiling

    Ability to create users with different profiles and characteristics
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    Notice board for an easier and more immediate assistance
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    Door-to-door billing management (customers / suppliers)
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    Paper and cardboard collection

    Card collection management card (in-out to outside companies)

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